Wooden houses

Wooden houses

Wood is a natural and 100% eco-friendly construction material. Wood has been the building material of choice many centuries ago and proves to be the wisest solution for building your place these days.


The greatest perks of wooden houses

Perfect microclimate. Wood is a hygroscopic material, so wooden walls regulate humidity in the house, absorbing excess moisture and giving it away when the air is dry. Wood is permeable to oxygen and water vapors, so you will never face the problem of the lack of fresh air in your place. Thanks to these properties, you will always maintain a nearly perfect microclimate in your dwelling.


Beneficial for health. If you are a health-caring type, you will definitely appreciate the healthy-beneficial effect of a wooden house. Aside from maintaining the perfect microclimate within the walls of your home, wood also keeps humidity at an optimal level due to its natural properties. You may need additional tools like humidifiers or dehumidifiers to reach the same effect with brick or block walls, so wood is a budget-friendly solution in the long run. But that’s not all. Wood neutralizes toxins in the air, which is a significant advantage considering the current ecological situation. Allergic people would also benefit from a wooden house as this material won’t attract dust particles. As a result, the air is much purer.


Advantageous psychological aspect. Natural wood has powerful psychological properties we, humans, perceive subconsciously. The wooden surface remains its warm and calming shades even after varnishing, helping you reach a state of inner peace. After the construction stage is over, a wood scent remains in the house for a long time, which impressively improves your mood and tonus.


Geat heat retention. Excellent heat insulation is another significant benefit of wooden houses over stone or brick ones. Wood keeps heat, so it would be easy to warm the entire place even when you’ve been away for a long time.


Durable construction. The evident benefit of wooden dwellings is the durability of the construction. Due to the joint elasticity, the construction withstands heavy loads and seismic soil activities, while stone walls will crack under these conditions.


Eco-friendliness. There is hardly any other building material that is capable of competing with wood in terms of environmental indicators. First, because it’s a renewable material and households plant new trees, deforestation causes minimal harm to the environment. Second, wood processing is completely wasteless as sawdust and shavings are then used to create other building or finishing materials. Moreover, wood is a natural material, so it’s completely safe for the environment even after processing.


Time-saving construction process. Wooden house construction is less time-consuming compared to a brick or stone building process. For instance, it will take a couple of months to build a house of the profiled beam.

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